[Geojson] versioning in geojson

Kralidis,Tom [Ontario] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
Tue Jul 7 07:07:50 PDT 2009

> i'm working on an encoding that includes geojson chunks.
> I'm hitting the problem of version encoding. I guess this 
> also arises with geojson-only applications, and i'd like your 
> views on this.
> Basically, when a client negociates with a server to exchange 
> data, they may have to agree on the encoding version. We 
> currently only have geojson 1.0, but what about when we will 
> have an hypothetical 2.0 client with 1.0 servers out in the 
> wild ? or vice-versa ?
> I'm not talking about application schemas (this has been 
> discussed extensively in previous threads, and i understand 
> this is not in the scope of geojson), but simply about having 
> a way to know what version of geojson i'm receiving when i 
> query some geojson datasource. Even better, having a way to 
> ask the server a specific encoding.
> should it be done using HTTP headers ? (i don't think so) 
> should it be done by wrapping the geojson chunk in an 
> application-specific json wrapper that provides the 
> versioning metadata ? (but then geojson cannot be used on its 
> own) other options ?

I wonder whether adding a "version" member at the root of any GeoJSON
object is valuable?


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