[GeoJSON] GeoJSON "Interior Ring" and "Hole" Definitions

David Ellis ellis at uber.com
Tue Nov 12 09:54:52 PST 2013

Hello all,

Just joined this mailing list looking for some clarification on the spec.

The GeoJSON specification document contains no definition of what it means
by the terms "Interior Ring" and "Hole".

I'm part of an on-going debate as my company tries to implement true
GeoJSON support in the Node.js in-n-out

Some questions on the spec:

   1. Is there a reference implementation for generation and/or consumption
   of GeoJSON objects. Alternatively, is there a test suite of some sort
   involving GeoJSON objects?
   2. What are "Interior Rings" and what are "Holes"? Are they synonyms?
   3. What happens if interior rings overlap? If holes overlap? If an
   interior ring overlaps a hole? What happens if they partially intersect?
   (See image in the link above.)
   4. Finally, the specification does not define what a GeoJSON interpreter
   should do with malformed and/or extended GeoJSON objects. Is this truly
   implementation specific? (This would seem to limit the ability for interop
   between GeoJSON producers and consumers written by different software


David Ellis

Uber Technologies, Inc
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