[GeoJSON] Content-type

Erik Wilde dret at berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 4 14:47:21 PST 2013

hello andrew.

On 2013-11-04, 12:34 , Andrew Turner wrote:
> I prefer post-fix the content type since geoJSON is a subset of JSON
>   application/json+geo
> For one, this makes it clear that it is `application/json` plus another
> thing '+geo'. Additionally this would permit multiple suffix (e.g.
> 'application/json+geo+ld'. Last, practically code can evaluate
> 'contenttype =~ /application\/json/ and it would account for subsets.

i see your motivation, but it might be a better idea to stick to what 
http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6839 is saying. there are no multiple 
suffixes in that system, and the generic part goes last. this might not 
be the most sophisticated system in the world, and media types in 
general are not a very well modeled space. but GeoJSON probably 
shouldn't design and define its own way of how media types work. and 
given the above RFC, i am pretty confident that a registration request 
for application/json+geo would be rejected at this point in time.



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