[GeoJSON] Content-type

Erik Wilde dret at berkeley.edu
Sun Nov 3 10:32:49 PST 2013

hello jukka.

On 2013-11-03, 10:20 , Jukka Rahkonen wrote:
> I can see that my WMS server advertises one image output option with MIME
> type image/png; mode=8bit and my WFS server delivers either text/xml;
> subtype="gml/3.1.1" or text/xml; subtype="gml/2.1.2"
> Could it be application/json; type=geojson or something like that?

i may read you wrong here, but it seems to me that you're assuming that 
using type or subtype media type parameters on media types just works. 
it doesn't, there is "standard media type parameter" you can just use. i 
all depends on the media type. application/json does not define any 
parameters: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4627#section-6

(btw, i am pretty sure that your WMS server is not behaving correctly 
here, because the parameters for these other media types in all 
likelihood do not exist as well, but i did not check.)

this means that you cannot use any parameters, and i certainly would not 
advise to change GeoJSON in a way that pretends there is a media type 
parameter, when there isn't. with RFC 4627 being revised, maybe it's a 
good time to propose that there could be a parameter for exposing 
profiles/types, though.




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