[Geojson] Problem in Twitter's GeoJSON

David William Bitner david.bitner at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 09:39:25 PST 2009

GeoJson is set up to deal with data in both Latitude Longitude where the
standard is typically Lat then Lon and with projected coordinate systems
where the standard is typically x then y.  GeoRSS is set up to by default
only deal with data in Geographic Coordinates and it is only in the "more
cumbersome" representations that projected coordinate systems are used along
with SRIDs.

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Raffi Krikorian <raffi at twitter.com> wrote:

> Twitter has crossed up easting and northing in their API docs, and I
> see it in their API responses too. Can anybody following this list get
> the word to those developers?
> --
> Sean Gillies
> Programmer
> Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
> New York University
> hmm. it does seem like we have it reversed -- we're sending northing then
> easting in our coordinates.  thanks for letting us know!
> just out of curiosity, why is this represented as so, when GeoRSS has a
> point defined as a latitude-longitude pair?
> http://www.georss.org/simple#Point.
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> Raffi Krikorian
> Twitter Platform Team
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