[Geojson] [OSGeo-Standards] EPSG + Coordinate Ordering (Was Re:GeoJSON '1.0'?)

Martin Daly Martin.Daly at cadcorp.com
Fri Mar 14 07:53:52 PDT 2008

> Okay, according to mpd, I'm wrong: mpd says that there is an *implied*
> claim that "Lat is X" -- which means that my entire argument just went
> out the window, and you're right. However, I didn't knwo that until
> about 30 seconds ago.

What I meant to say to Christopher, but did not express very well, is that the non-geodesists among us mostly think of lat/lon (or lon/lat) as positions on a Plate Carrée-projected map, not on the surface of an ellipsoid.


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