[GeoJSON] Wiki copyright

Martin Daly Martin.Daly at cadcorp.com
Fri Mar 16 01:09:51 PDT 2007

> > I think it would be best to have a little CC icon show up on every 
> > page if possible. Not being a big MediaWiki hacker, I'm not 
> sure how 
> > to do that.

I'm no MediaWiki hacker either, but I think that it is now the way you
wanted it.

> > Also how about using the 3.0 instead of the 2.5 version?

Fine by me, the change seems to be small: from "only under the same or
similar license to this one" to "only under the same, similar or a
compatible license".

Obviously it would be better if the spelling of licence was correct...

> My personal vote is that we distinguish between the general 
> Wiki and a single page on the wiki which will hold the spec. 
> The latter should be a consensus position that keeps whatever 
> spec we have in one place. No changes allowed to the latter 
> without a vote.
> Then we set up a wiki page called SiteAuthors and encourage 
> anyone who is contributing to the site to put their name there.


> If we do that, then it's obvious who the attribution has to 
> go to. If we don't we wind up with a bit of a morass.

All of this sounds sensible, although there may be more than one
specification page, e.g. Context, Features, etc.  The same applies


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