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Geoff Hendrey ghendrey at decarta.com
Thu Mar 15 08:18:46 PDT 2007

First off, great idea, and glad you started a wiki and an email list.
I'm sure the this list will be rife with flaming regarding whether or
not XML is good, evil etc., and the same for JSON. I think those are
good discussions to have, but I am going to call out my emails on those
topics with <religious-war> tags, and try not to mix them up in other
discussions of how to use JSON.
Because, regardless of your position, using JSON in one form or another
is practically a necessity in dealing with browser based apps. 
One thing I would throw out there is that JSON might be best used, with
respect to OGC specs, as a binding. In other words, the allowable
information model of a request and response can still be mandated via
XML schema, but for transport over the wire, a JSON binding could be

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